Our Story

Equity Built Homes was founded by a team of passionate and more importantly experienced home builders. With a combined 30 years in the building industry we are confident that we have put together an incredible team, incredible suppliers and set of tools that will help you complete the biggest American Dream; building your own home.


In 2006 the economy really started to tank. The housing market was crumbling and real estate started to really drop in values. While some builders were able to weather the storm, many builders were forced to close their doors. Over the course of this same time states made getting your builders license very easy. It was this simple.

1) Pay $179

2) Read the study book with all the answers

3) Take a one hour test.

magAnd presto you are now a new residential builder. So now not only did builders find themselves fighting for work with other builders and a shortage of work but now this new form of paper builder had emerged.

Building a home and learning the trades of this task takes years to mature into. There is much teaching, learning, practicing and the applying of techniques that are invested into a truly trained professional. While building a home seems easy on paper it is actually a long process that with little knowledge can leave you with an incredible amount of frustration, debt, stress and an overall bad experience. Let’s face it, this will be the single largest investment of most people’s lives. You will spend two-thirds of your life here. Wouldn’t you want it right the first time?

The founders of Equity Built Homes have won many awards with their homes. Our homes have been featured in quite a few magazines such as Midwest Living, Decorating Magazine and Michigan Home Resource Guide. With a focus on the science of the home, our company strives to deliver through you homes that demand higher expectations than national and local codes call for.

Equity Built Homes believes that with our buying power, your dedication and managing skills and finally our team of professionals we will together build your dream all while putting thousands of dollars back in your pocket. Let’s face it, the new paper builders of tomorrow will sit back this year making $40k-$100k per project working  on yours home as well as others running a job that know little or nothing about.. And at the end if they are unsuccessful you are left holding the bag.  When is the last time you made that much money, working part time, in a job that you paid $179 to get your license?

Equity Built Homes